Saturday, August 6, 2011

Automobile University

Do you travel often in your car? Most of us do. In fact there aren't many activities which my family participates in which do not in some way involve our car (SUV to be exact).

Motivational speaking legend Zig Ziglar used the term "Automobile University" to describe using time spent in one's vehicle on such worthwhile endeavors as listening to personal and professional development materials. The idea being that the same amount of time that is normally spent listening to music or doing something else, that while it may be enjoyable isn't going to necessarily help us improve or experience the benefits of personal growth (nor move us any closer to achieving the goals and dreams we've set for ourselves). Listening to educational or professional development information could benefit us exponentially.

Instead Mr. Ziglar suggested that we could be spending that same time, which might otherwise be wasted -- listening to a tape or audio program that will increase our expertise in whatever particular topic we might choose.

Making driving time learning time is an idea that many people have used to their advantage for years. I challenge you today to attend!

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