Saturday, August 6, 2011

President Lynden Johnson's 10 rules for Success.

1. Learn to remember names.

2. Be a comfortable person so there is no strain in being around you

3. Aquire the quality of being relaxed so things do not "ruffle your feathers".

4. Dont be egotistical.

5. Be interested in people so that THEY get something of value from being around you.

6. Study to get out the "Scratchy" elements of your personality.

7. Sincerely attempt to Heal every misunderstanding between you and others

8. Practice liking people until you learn to do so naturally

9. Never miss an opportunity to say congratulations on someones achievement.

10. Give spiritual strength to people and they will give genuine affection to you.

This is quite a list, it seemed to serve President Johnson quite well. Although there are other attributes needed for a great leader, this is a great starting place for our purposes.

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