Saturday, August 6, 2011

Coaching Part #2, The 10 Essential Ideas for Coaching Success

1. Ask Good Questions- Questions are a catalist for conversation. Conversation then in turn provides a basic grounding of relationship.

2. 70/30 Rule- You have 2 ears and one mouth. Try to only speak 30% of your time, spend the other 70% Listening.

3. Edify- Lift others up. This builds confidence. It inspires, and cultivates greatness in others.

4. Gently, Allow others to Fail- Failure is one of the greatest teachers. Then help them by learning from their failures. This inspires confidence.

5. Encourage Risk- Sets the president that it is "OK" to fail. Remember, failure is only failure if it is at the point where we quit. If we keep on and find a solution, we merely successfully found another way which didn't work. That's not really failure at all.

6. Involve them in Your Time- Spending/Using your time with others shows them that they are valuable to you. Time spent increases the value of the relationship. This is essential for great coaching.

7. Be "There"- Being available for consulting/Edifying is needed. Use these times to help strengthen the relationship by helping remind them of their successes.

8. Wait- It is an easy temptation to help "Fill in the Blanks" when we think we know the answers. There is however great value in silence. As coaches, sometimes we need to be silent and let them construct viable answers. (I guess this is a variation of the 70/30 rule)

9. Praise- As a Coach, it is your Job to notice successes, And Praise every at every possible venue.

10. Progress Reporting- As a Coach, it is your responsibility to give feedback. Feedback is one of our Seven Essiental Tools for Leadership Success. When Things Go Great, give positive feedback, when things dont go great, give positive feedback. The learning is usually greatest at points of failure.

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